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Christmas Schemes & Decoration

Christmas can be a magical season, and for luxury interior designers it’s a time to flex a bit of extra creative muscle and even decadence!  It’s the time of year when pretty much anything goes from fun and funky to naturally Scandi, although creating a beautiful Christmas interior scheme that works well, takes skill. Popular themes this year include metallic along bold and natural, but there are some looks that will never, thankfully, go out of date.


Timeless and classic, Vintage is a skill of mixing old and new. Adding ornaments and decorations from generations gone by evoke a sense of family and continuity, which is all part of the spiritual element of the season.

Traditionally glass blown ornaments, which have been popular in the UK since the 1850, have never gone out of fashion, and mixing vintage designs with more modern versions can work extremely effectively.

In addition, classically made decorations crafted from wood include motifs such rocking horses, birds, bells, lanterns, or candle holders, all nod towards a traditional, almost Dickensian feel.

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Christmas – Light Up!

Top Tips for Christmas Decorating

A top interior designer will be able to create a stunning scheme for your Christmas tree, and here are some top tips for decorating at the festive season.  

If you want a snow effect, spray the tree before you’ve added any lighting or decorations to prevent them from getting covered. Give the snow a full 30 minutes to dry before proceeding.

There may be a period of a few weeks before gifts are added; so hiding the base and any unsightly wires etc is essential. Useful items for this job are a tweed coloured throw (or similar), a small pile of logs, a hessian sack for the base to sit in and tied with a large bow, a large log basket or some empty, wrapped parcels, which can easily be replaced with the real thing nearer the time.

Don’t be afraid to clip any wayward branches and if you do have any bald spots, clip a branch or two from the back of the tree and tie to the trunk with twine or dark floristry wire. Faux foliage, such as lengths of ivy, sprigs of eucalyptus or similar can help create the required shape, should the tree need it.

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