Doors – Making An Entrance

When you say the word “door” what springs to mind? Is it a solid, stately entrance to a home, proud of its formidable size, classic colour and shiny brass fittings? Or is it an image of Alice in Wonderland scampering past hundreds of identical wooden structures? Perhaps, it is a single member of the eponymous rock band? For most people the word “door” conjures up a picture of a solid piece of wood, working as an entrance to a property or room. But they are more than that, so much more….

Doors have been an important piece of interior design dating back to Egyptian times. Doors were either single or double pieces of wood; some were simple, others embellished with carvings and possibly brass, silver or even gold. Nearer to home, great excitement was recently generated, as the oldest door in Europe was unearthed by a group of Swiss archeologists. It was found at a site earmarked for the new underground car park for Zurich's opera house, and is possibly 5,000 years old. To put that into perspective, it was built in 3063BC, just as Stonehenge was being constructed.

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Velvet – Accessories & Care

In previous years, decades, even centuries, velvet was seen as a fabric used only by the bold, to make a statement of opulence and status. It was an expensive, luxurious item that required confidence and care, a fabric bought to last the test of time. 

Today, there are so many varieties, types, and colours of velvet that its versatility means it can be used in most rooms and interior design schemes, regardless of style, period or design.  

Big statement pieces such as sumptuous curtains or upholstered furnishings are a fabulous way of bringing colour and opulence into a room. But for a lighter touch, velvet accessories are great for providing little punches of colour and small areas of luxury. Whether it is cushions, throws, lampshades, mirrors or even alarm clocks, velvet is here for a reason. 

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