What a Picture

When deciding on a scheme for a room or a property as a whole, it's important to have a starting point — preferably something that inspires or triggers thoughts and emotions. This trigger could be an item of sentimental value, a beloved style of furniture, a specific pattern in a fabric, or a certain colour that will act as the cornerstone for an interior design scheme. Often, however, it's a piece of interior design artwork or photography.

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Country accessories… gilded Lilly

As discussed in a previous blog, an English country house interior can be recreated today with all the benefits of the modern age, but without the fear of looking too chintzy or too….Miss Marple. 

With the basic colour palette in place, like many interior design schemes, it is the furnishings and accessories that can lift this look from adequate to outstanding. 

When it comes to country homes, it is the furniture, soft furnishings, accessories, souvenirs and general stuff of life that make the scheme. These items can look beautiful in their own right, but for an authentic feel, they also need to tell a story. 

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