Home Cinemas – Part I

Picture perfect

There's something magical about watching your favourite film up close and personal, and something fun about playing games and watching TV on a screen the same size as your average billboard. And the good news is there are systems to suit all budgets, lifestyles and room schemes. Ideally, you want luxury seating seats, razor-sharp images and jaw dropping, immersive surround sound topped with high end interior design. As Anthony Burgess once said: "It's funny how the colours of the real world only seem real when you watch them on a screen.” So whether you want a dedicated home theatre or a discrete hidden cinema system, here are the top 10 areas to consider — these are our first 5 Tips!  Look out for blog post part II for the second instalment.

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Rugs – We've Got It Covered

Apart from the practical benefits of a rug (the cushioning, comfort and warmth), rugs  can also provide visual value to a room's design. Consider it, if you will, artwork for your floor. But how to  choose one that is well balanced in terms of quality, size and pattern is a skill – a skill that luxury interior designer René Dekker can help you with.

Top  London  interior decorators such as René Dekker Design will know instinctively how a rug will affect a room, and will also know what shape, colour, and depth of pile to select. Many will use a rug as a starting point from which to choose paint shades and accessories for the rest of a room's scheme.

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