Paint: Colour with Confidence and Strokes of Genius


It’s not an easy one to get right, but the good news is that it’s the easiest way to introduce interest to an interior and it’s easy and inexpensive to correct if you get it wrong. Colour sets the mood for a room, and the shade you choose should be about how you want the room to feel and the atmosphere you want to create. Continue reading Paint: Colour with Confidence and Strokes of Genius

What a Picture

When deciding on a scheme for a room or a property as a whole, it’s important to have a starting point – preferably something that inspires or triggers thoughts and emotions. This trigger could be an item of sentimental value, a beloved style of furniture, a specific pattern in a fabric, or a certain colour that will act as the cornerstone for an interior design scheme. Often, however, it’s a piece of interior design artwork or photography.

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