Riverside Penthouse

Spacious, light filled and oozing personality, this riverside penthouse is the perfect blend of Retro elements with current interior design elements.  

Here, the large print by photographer Slim Aarons acts not only as a focal point, but also as inspiration for the room’s interior design. The feel of the picture, one of relaxed glamour, sets the scene for the mood, while the saturated colours of 1960s and 1970s life are the inspiration for the scheme’s colour palette. 

The majority of the colours chosen are warm browns and greys as seen in some of the furnishings and particularly the joinery. The glow from the recessed lighting in each alcove of the shelving gives the unit a beautiful feeling of warmth, but also acts as a practical way of displaying books and personal items.

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Having a fireplace – the structure, the heat, and the spectacle – can bring an element of magic to a room. But choosing the correct style can seem a daunting task – the wrong one can be a costly and ugly mistake, but the right one can bring a unique atmosphere that no other addition can provide. So, choose wisely. Better still, enlist the services of a quality or famous luxury interior designer to help select it with you.

Belgravia fireplace used as an example by interior designer René Dekker
Belgravia fireplace

Whether it’s the focus of the room, a practical source of heating, or just a decorative feature, the fireplace you choose should, in simple terms, be something you enjoy looking at. Next, a few questions will help narrow your options.

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