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Interior Design Q&A – 10 Tips

What are the essentials for starting my own business?

Like any enterprise, the essential ingredients to starting up your own interior design business are to have a proven, successful track record of your work. In addition, it’s good to have a bit of financial backing to tide you over while you’re getting established and to pay for unseen expenses that you might not have anticipated at first.

When do I know I’m ready to go it alone?

Whether you’re working for a company or just starting out, you’ll know when you’re ready and see the signs. If you’re working full-time for a reputable company and are beginning to feel you have outgrown your role and won’t necessarily gain any new experience, just capitalise on what you already have, that’s one sign. The other, is being in demand for extra work, and third is having a good client list. The final element is that you’re itching to go it alone. If signs feel familiar, you’re ready to take the leap. 

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Why Interior Design Q&A

Why go into interior design?

Interior design is an extremely creative job that combines academic knowledge of the subject with product know-how, style and flair. On top of that, you need a large dose of professionalism, diplomacy and great personal skills to deal with clients and contractors.

What are the main benefits of being an interior designer?

The main benefits are you are in industry that will satisfy your creative needs, and one that is always changing in terms of fashion and trends. As an Interior Designer, you can encounter some amazing people and clients along the way, as well take your skills with you, so you could work pretty much anywhere in the world. 

What are the downsides?

It can sometimes be tricky when dealing with clients if, for example they change their minds or aren’t happy with a particular direction you’re going in. Having said that, the experience you’ll gain of how to deal with a difficult client, or an unfortunate pitch, is invaluable and will help you develop a slightly thicker skin. 

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