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Riverside Penthouse

Spacious, light filled and oozing personality, this riverside penthouse is the perfect blend of Retro elements with current interior design elements.  

Here, the large print by photographer Slim Aarons acts not only as a focal point, but also as inspiration for the room’s interior design. The feel of the picture, one of relaxed glamour, sets the scene for the mood, while the saturated colours of 1960s and 1970s life are the inspiration for the scheme’s colour palette. 

The majority of the colours chosen are warm browns and greys as seen in some of the furnishings and particularly the joinery. The glow from the recessed lighting in each alcove of the shelving gives the unit a beautiful feeling of warmth, but also acts as a practical way of displaying books and personal items.

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Interior Design Q&A – 10 Tips

What are the essentials for starting my own business?

Like any enterprise, the essential ingredients to starting up your own interior design business are to have a proven, successful track record of your work. In addition, it’s good to have a bit of financial backing to tide you over while you’re getting established and to pay for unseen expenses that you might not have anticipated at first.

When do I know I’m ready to go it alone?

Whether you’re working for a company or just starting out, you’ll know when you’re ready and see the signs. If you’re working full-time for a reputable company and are beginning to feel you have outgrown your role and won’t necessarily gain any new experience, just capitalise on what you already have, that’s one sign. The other, is being in demand for extra work, and third is having a good client list. The final element is that you’re itching to go it alone. If signs feel familiar, you’re ready to take the leap. 

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