Art Deco 1 — Patterns of Behaviour

Like many movements, Art Deco is one of those genres of designs that encompass everything from architecture to ashtrays. Unlike many movements, however, Art Deco seems to have had trouble with its identity. 

Geographically, it has links with the whole world from Europe to Egypt, while politically, it has played architectural host to the two of the most polarised newspapers in the UK, The Daily Express and The Daily Telegraph. 

The style has been loved by many, its affordability and quick production making it a popular choice for the masses; and loathed for its crassness, in equal measure. It has been seen both as the epitome of glamour, through the construction of the Chrysler Building in New York, and as an integral part of Hollywood’s ascendency, but has also been snubbed by classic architects and interior designers as too crowd-pleasing or populist.  

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Inside and Out / Flower Power

Spring has sprung and now that we’re entering the summer months, we are in full “British Social Season” mode. We’ve had the Varsity boat race, Glyndebourne is in fine voice and the grasses of Wimbledon and polo fields are preparing for a pounding. 

There has been a veritable flurry of activity around the country in terms of event, with more to come, but one of the highlights on our calendar was the Chelsea Flower Show.

Although, as the name suggests, it lends itself purely to thoughts of the outdoors and grubbing around in one’s garden, there are definitely topics that translate to our indoor as well as outdoor habitat…and vice versa. 

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