Employing a Top Interior Designer

Why choose a top interior designer?

Hiring a top interior designer is the best decision if you want to create a stylish and unique scheme for your home or business. It might sound as though you're spending an unnecessary budget, but the truth is, you'll never be able create quite the same look and professional finish that an experienced luxury interior designer can achieve, and that's invaluable.


Choosing a high end interior designer can also help you avoid paying for costly mistakes. Their expertise, experience, know-how and contacts will make all the difference between having something you're completely happy with, and making endless changes to try to create the look you want, but can't quite achieve on your own.


Even if you have some ideas and experience in the area, a professional interior designer will be able to use these starting points and implement their know-how to adapt them to create the best look possible for you.  A top  interior designer should be able to interpret these ideas and combine them with their expertise. They should then be able to map out a plan of action to create something stunning within a specific time frame.

Another voice

It's always useful to be able to ask another person's opinion, but if you employ the services of an interior designer, they'll be able to look at an idea or scheme and suspend their own opinions. This is important as they're not a friend, they're a professional employed to tell you whether your ideas are right or wrong, and provide other options to help achieve a successful look for your space. One of the things you're paying for is their skill to help enhance the quality of your life and environment, and hiring a professional raises the level of that experience.

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Another advantage of employing the services of a top interior designer is that as well as sourcing the materials you need, they should also have a bible of decorating contacts, specialists, plumbers and carpenters at their fingertips. This saves valuable time and frustration finding recommendations and trying people out.

Bridging the gap

Liaising with architects or decorators can be a daunting task, but a top designer should be able to manage the situation and bridge the gap. Designers are trained and experienced to notice things the general client may overlook — this includes everything from the overall picture and functionality of a design scheme, to addressing basic but important issues such as lighting.


Colour is one of the key areas that is easy to get wrong. If this is incorrect from the beginning, it will continue to be so until the final accessories are put in place. A designer will be able to tell you whether the colour choices you're considering will complement and enhance a room's design scheme. Then, from this starting point, they should also be able to coordinate other shades that work together to create a sense of unity and cohesion.

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Added benefit

If you do choose an interior designer and have room schemes that are cohesive and show their plus points to their best advantage, this will have instant appeal should you wish to sell your property. It could make the difference between a sale or not.

Top tips

1) Decide exactly what rooms and ideas you have before commissioning a designer and make a collection of fabric samples, swatches, tear sheets, photographs and colour charts.

2) Recommendations are always a good place to start, and when you like a designer's work and style, call for a free first consultation before making a commitment.

3) It's important to have a good rapport with a top interior designer as they need to be able to interpret your ideas and possibly nudge you into a direction that you hadn't thought. So it's also important to keep an open mind.

4) Finally, when it comes to schedules and budgets, check whether project management, VAT, all labour, and materials are all included.

A designer worth their salt can take the sting out of the hard work, stress and frustration, as well as the decision-making of a project.