Award Winning Design – Bathroom Designer of the Year | by René Dekker

Bathroom Designer of the Year – Project cost over £25,000

The KBB Review Retail and Design Awards is an annual event which celebrates and rewards some of the best talent across retailers, designers and manufacturers within the luxury kitchen and luxury bathroom industry. Designers come from all over in hopes of becoming the next award winning interior designer. Organised by the sector’s leading business magazine, KBB Review, the event in 2015 marked the 21st year showcasing awards for the industry talent. The competition for bathroom designer of the year is free to enter and is open to any retailers, designers or manufacturers of bathroom projects in the UK and Ireland, with categories being split between both retail and design. There are various design categories that one can enter, but the kitchen or bathroom project must have been installed in a real residential home. This means that concept designs, showrooms and computer generated images (CGI’s) are not permitted. These are the following design categories available for project entry.
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Colourful Expression

There’s a well-known phrase in the fashion industry: “Blue and green should never be seen,” together, that is. Well, nowadays that would be considered old-fashioned and de rigueur. In today’s interior designer circles, there are very few rules when it comes to incorporating colour in interior design, it all depends on how you use them.

There are however, a few constants to do with colour theory. Research has shown for example, that cultural differences can make us respond in different ways, but the overriding and universal agreement, is that one way or another colour is important to us all.

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