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Velvet – Accessories & Care

In previous years, decades, even centuries, velvet was seen as a fabric used only by the bold, to make a statement of opulence and status. It was an expensive, luxurious item that required confidence and care, a fabric bought to last the test of time. 

Today, there are so many varieties, types, and colours of velvet that its versatility means it can be used in most rooms and interior design schemes, regardless of style, period or design.  

Big statement pieces such as sumptuous curtains or upholstered furnishings are a fabulous way of bringing colour and opulence into a room. But for a lighter touch, velvet accessories are great for providing little punches of colour and small areas of luxury. Whether it is cushions, throws, lampshades, mirrors or even alarm clocks, velvet is here for a reason. 

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Velvet — Taking a plunge into plush

Once seen as the preserve of luxury, regal accommodation and faded country homes, velvet is a trend that is steeped in history but has lasted the test of time. Sumptuous, soft and with a richness of colour unlike any other fabric, velvet today can work in both a traditional as well as contemporary settings. But it takes the experience of a London interior designer to know how to incorporate it into an interior scheme perfectly. 

Since it was first brought to this country in 809 A.D. by Kashmiri merchants from Baghdad, velvet has to be one of the most versatile textures to introduce into a decorating scheme. It’s soft to touch, exudes comfort and style but is also durable, which makes it a great choice for stand-out furniture pieces.

Conventionally, velvet was made from silk and later cotton, and was the choice of the rich and the royal due to its sumptuous feel and look, as well as its high cost of production. Today it can be made from other materials and even synthetic fabrics, which offer more hard-wearing and affordable options. 

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