Making a Splash! | Swimming Pool

Hands up if you know when the first swimming pool was made and by whom? No? Well, the first swimming pool was actually found in Pakistan and dates back 5,000 years. The Romans, however, can claim the first heated pool, which was allegedly constructed in the first century BC by a lord and patron of the arts, Gaius Maecenas. Once the Romans came to the UK and built the spas in Bath, there was no going back. Skip several centuries and by the mid-1800s, there were swimming pools all over the country, and six indoor designs complete with diving boards.
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To Dine For (Part II)

So, you've got your dining table and might well have bought chairs to match already, in which case, you're all set. But if you haven't, what kind of seating out of the plethora of options are you going to go select? Employing the advice of a  luxury interior designer will ensure you get the right choice for you and your guests. Whether your preference is classic, Baroque, minimalist, funky, rustic, artistic, industrial or funky, the perfect dining chair option is out there. Having expert interior designer's advice will help you find it. You're guests will find that your's is a meal to dine for. Continue reading To Dine For (Part II)