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10 Step Guide To A Successful Interior Design

The recent completion of our widely celebrated design for the flagship restaurant, M Restaurant, located in the heart of London’s financial district, evokes one word; perfection. This was the one goal the London interior design team at René Dekker Design strived to achieve while designing the interior. We desired perfection from concept through to implementing the finishing touches in time for the star-studded launch party.

Our mission was simple; maximize the interior and architectural design to achieve the best layout of the space while achieving

Ten Step Guide to a Successful Interior Design by René Dekker

an inviting and luxurious interior.  As used in many of our projects, our London interior design team follows a strict ethos and discipline in order to achieve a beautiful interior that is functional, aesthetically complete and exacting to the client’s expectations.  Have a read of our design discipline to understand how we deliver successful luxury interior design projects.

10 step guide to a successful interior design by René Dekker - Scheme layout1. Know Your Client (KYC)

Delivering a successful project requires a complete understanding of the client’s expectations in order to tailor the design around their preferences.  While some clients prefer to have a complete turnkey solution that is specified by the interior architect or interior designer, others like to have a greater involvement in determining levels of detail, thus providing a greater end user experience for the client.  In the case of M Restaurant, the client wanted a turnkey solution provided by a boutique design studio that could provide complete attention to detail while allowing him opportunity to contribute to design decisions.  Although our studio did not have the experience in designing restaurants, the client was confident in our ability to deliver a bespoke design that would offer something unique to his restaurant, and not conventional like designs offered by typical commercial design studios.

2. Define a clear design objective

Our interior design studio prides itself in not having a typical ‘house’ style, but rather, an ability to provide a bespoke and sympathetic design approach to each project, thus ensuring a more tailored design that meets with the client’s expectations.  Getting this objective correct at the beginning of the design process is crucial to ensuring a successful finished result.  Our client had clear objectives that we needed to incorporate in our scheme; maximize the use of space and provide a cosy, boutique ‘residential’ feel to the restaurant.  The design aesthetics were then left to our studio to define and develop.

3. Expertise and Experience

A seamless and well implemented interior requires a considered approach that is tailored to the client’s desires, sympathetic to the building, and enhances the property by increasing functionality and adding value.  Under the watchful eye of our Creative Director, René Dekker, the team skilfully navigate through design challenges to ensure design aesthetics are not compromised while at the same time, mitigating costs where appropriate.  Knowledge is made up from the combined principles of design; planning, finishes, manufacture, details and dressing.  It is from the extensive experience designing luxury residential homes, boutique hotels, yachts and restaurants over the last 25 years, that Dekker has honed his skills, allowing him to anticipate potential problems and pitfalls with each project, and pre-emptively provide solutions to mitigate those issues; as well as winning various awards for his work.

10 step guide to a successful interior design by René Dekker - Scheme Design

4. Supplies, Materials and Resources

The only limitation is one’s imagination! Fortunately, the marketplace is full of an extensive selection of fabrics, wall coverings, wood, stone and specialist finishes.  The key to successfully decorating a space is the careful use of materials.  Further, a sympathetic design will not only deliver the level of aesthetics required, but will also consider the practicality and functionality when selecting materials.  René Dekker Design has formed long standing relationships with the industry’s best artists and craftsmen which allow us to provide exceptional detailing while using top quality materials in all of our London interior design projects.

 5. Keep Informed and Knowledgeable  

The interior design industry is an ever changing landscape with newer textiles and technologies coming to market.  Staying abreast of these changes will help to guarantee that a client receives a comprehensive solution to their spatial and interior design requirements.  There are numerous sources for gathering this information such as industry and trade magazines, workshops and conferences administered by design regulatory bodies, and also through communication with design professionals and suppliers.  The interior design environment is a competitive landscape which requires savvy designers to keep their finger on the pulse!

6. Scheme Presentation

One of the most principal challenges faced by a London interior design team is the task of conveying their design intent into a comprehensive presentation that will be successfully received by the client.  The presentation must be concise, coherent and responsive to the client’s expectations, while delivering an elegant interior scheme that fully illustrates why the client has chosen to utilise the expertise of professional designers such as René Dekker.  With some of our clients that find it difficult to visualize our finished design using 2-D concepts, our studio will provide 3-D computer generated images (CGIs) to convey a very real depiction of the completed interior.

7. Transparent Communication 

It is absolutely essential for communication to be transparent and forthcoming at all levels of the project, and amongst all parties involved.  This includes communication between suppliers and interior designer, and also keeping the client informed of all issues throughout the entire process.  Managing client’s expectations throughout the process helps to ensure that budgets and timelines are kept fully transparent. This is more likely to safeguard that the client is fully satisfied in the end.

 8. Successful Implementation  

It will not matter how fantastic a design presentation is or how great the designer’s rapport is with the client if one cannot effectively implement the proposed interior design scheme.  Successful implementation will only be achieved if there is a solid and reliable team of tradespeople and suppliers delivering on their promises.  This includes making sure the main contractor completely understands the interior design along with all the precise details.

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 9. Limitations and Challenges

It is unlikely that every interior design project will run perfectly smooth and without any problems.  There can be unforeseen complications that challenge the skill-set of even the best London interior design team, but a careful consideration and thorough approach to all details can help to mitigate most issues.  Remember, there is always a solution to every setback, it just requires astute planning and fastidious attention to detail.

10. Final Dressing  

It may seem less significant, but the final dressing of the interior is what adds the ‘finishing touch’ to a perfect design.  As appropriately said by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”  Handing over a completed project to the client is like making their dreams come true by transforming their space into a beautiful interior.

René Dekker Design has developed a solid reputation for delivering exceptional quality and great attention to detail resulting in the ‘Uncompromising art of style’ when designing the interiors for our clients.  Our committed approach has enabled us to build long-term relationships with our clients which have resulted in a constant supply of repeat work.  Our London interior design studio can deliver trend setting design solutions for residential and commercial projects that embrace grade listed buildings, luxury homes, apartments, yachts and hotels.  Headed by award winning interiors expert, René Dekker, this internationally acclaimed designer is known for providing the ultimate luxury brand. His work transcends the ordinary and rewards with opulence and glamour. With a skills base and expertise that cover the spectrum of design, development and deliverability, we create spaces that embody pure luxury and achieve ‘The uncompromising art of style’.

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