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Making a Splash! | Swimming Pool

Hands up if you know when the first swimming pool was made and by whom? No? Well, the first swimming pool was actually found in Pakistan and dates back 5,000 years. The Romans, however, can claim the first heated pool, which was allegedly constructed in the first century BC by a lord and patron of the arts, Gaius Maecenas. Once the Romans came to the UK and built the spas in Bath, there was no going back. Skip several centuries and by the mid-1800s, there were swimming pools all over the country, and six indoor designs complete with diving boards.
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Employing a Top Interior Designer

Why choose a top interior designer?

Hiring a top interior designer is the best decision if you want to create a stylish and unique scheme for your home or business. It might sound as though you’re spending an unnecessary budget, but the truth is, you’ll never be able create quite the same look and professional finish that an experienced luxury interior designer can achieve, and that’s invaluable.


Choosing a high end interior designer can also help you avoid paying for costly mistakes. Their expertise, experience, know-how and contacts will make all the difference between having something you’re completely happy with, and making endless changes to try to create the look you want, but can’t quite achieve on your own.


Even if you have some ideas and experience in the area, a professional interior designer will be able to use these starting points and implement their know-how to adapt them to create the best look possible for you.  A top  interior designer should be able to interpret these ideas and combine them with their expertise. They should then be able to map out a plan of action to create something stunning within a specific time frame.

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