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Luxury Indoor Swimming Pools

Indoor pools, along with cinema rooms, are the ultimate in high-end lifestyle statements. More and more clients are opting in their interior design schemes, to create a space for both relaxation and exercise in order to promote a healthy and active lifestyle in beautiful and enviable surroundings; and an indoor swimming pool is the perfect choice to achieve this.

The practical benefits of having one include unlimited access to your own quality watering hole, total privacy as well as year-round exercise. Plus, indoor pools are easy to keep clean and to control in terms of temperature. The other bonus is that if you include a retractable floor, you can make the pool “disappear” entirely to create a level space for other purposes.

For added luxury, the addition of a spa, hot tub, sauna, steam room, swim jet, jacuzzi, gym, or even a bar could transform your indoor pool area in to a sanctuary and private leisure area.

Locations for indoor pools can include basements, an extension to the property or even a separate pool house. But regardless of the location and style you want, ideally your choice should both respect and enhance the design of your property.

When it comes to the theme and overall look of an indoor pool, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want a classic theme, a traditional or super sleek feel these are all achievable.

Luxury interior designer, Rene Dekker, is known for the stunning schemes he creates and when it comes to indoor pools, this is no exception. Among his creations is a super sleek modern design with a fun comic strip element.

Here, it's all about the artwork – creating an immediate visual impact. Floor to ceiling images featuring comic strip heroes, blended with above dado rail graphics create an ultra-cool, chic and fun atmosphere.

These are cleverly lit to enhance their strong colours and shapes, while carefully placed down lighters create circular, dappled spotlights for extra drama. A few inflatable toys complete the look which makes the area both a cool retreat as well as a place to have fun.

At the other end of the scale René has created a stunningly glamorous indoor pool complete with chandeliers and a waterfall. The pool has been cleverly cited off-centre, which allows ample space for loungers on two sides. Meanwhile, cool shades of sophisticated grey in slim horizontal stripes on the walls and the sound of water gently cascading into the pool enhance the mood of relaxation.

For a more traditional, Mediterranean look, René has gone for the perfect pairing of aqua and white. Walls and classic pillars are painted in simple hues, while various shades of turquoise, azure and cerulean blue are introduced through the tesserae mosaic tiles.

Floor to ceiling glass windows maximise the amount of natural light in this luxury indoor pool, as well as make the most of the views of the garden. These make the pool feel as though it's outdoors, but retains the indoor advantages of all-weather usage.

Colonial-style shutters at the smaller windows and dark rattan furniture enhance the tropical feel, while an inspired elevated seating area makes clever use of a less conventionally configured space.

For a truly contemporary feel in a luxury pool scheme, René has used a combination of cool metallics teamed with mellow tones of cream.

The gentle curves of the soft furnishings in the seating area are a theme that is echoed and repeated in the shape of the wall-hangings as well as the pattern of the walls themselves.

Meanwhile, the contrasting shine of the angular silver pillars is repeated in the metallic fabric of the scatter cushions, and the shapes embedded in the pillars themselves are reminiscent of the ripples in the water below.

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