Bathroom accessories – lighting

In our fast-paced lives of today it’s often easy to ignore or take for granted the details of everyday practicalities. But it is often these details that help us through the day and make a difference to our well-being and mood – it could be said, that our quality of life depends on those very details, and it’s important to remember to embrace them day in, day out. 

So, when it comes to the practical elements in our lives, they don’t have to be just that, practical – they can be beautiful too. With that in mind, when it comes to bathrooms, the most sensational interior scheme needs to be complemented by the right accessories such as lighting, shelving, towel rails and sanitary ware. These details can make all the difference between a nice bathroom and an exceptional design that blends seamlessly and adds a certain je ne sais quoi to a day’s events. 

Bathroom lighting should complement the room’s theme and enhance the pleasure of your bathing experience. Whether it’s clean simplicity or ultra-advanced technological lighting; a spa-like treatment or state of the art there are choices out there that can make all the difference. 

One of the best ways to achieve a luxurious look, a veritable oasis of calm, a virtual home spa experience, is lighting. Correct lighting can make the difference between a daily routine and celebratory ritual. From sumptuous Versailles-inspired chandelier warmth to impossibly sophisticated inlaid LED implements, getting this essential ingredient right is something that lies firmly in the hands of a high-end interior designer

Bathroom lights are a specialist installation with two basic ingredients. The first is that they should be bright enough to provide sufficient illumination, and the second is that they are able to tolerate moisture, steam and condensation. Commissioning a luxury interior designer to deal with these decisions is worth every penny. 

Finally there are detail lights – these can be used in a variety of areas including being incorporated into a mirror for specific tasks such as applying makeup or shaving. 

A fabulous pendant light can make a wonderful statement but that, as in many other rooms of a property, is usually not quite enough in terms of lighting. A second layer, often involving softer toned wall lights placed strategically will then provide the required mood of the space. This type of ambient lighting is ideal for creating a relaxing mood or spa-like atmosphere. 

Alternatively there are under-cabinet lights, which are perfect low-intensity options. They provide sufficient light for late-night trips, but more of a glow than a glare, so there’s no fear of waking up totally, or disturbing bedfellows. 

Similarly, for more subtle areas of lighting, an alcove can be the perfect place for a downlighter, illuminating quality products, lotions and potions, creating not just a space for storage but, beautifully lit, a feature in itself.

For the most luxurious schemes, whether classic or modern,  nickel, chrome or brass are popular choices for lighting fixtures in a bathroom, but it’s important to keep consistent and bear in mind the type of mood desired. 

Get the lighting in bathroom and the room becomes a pleasure in which to spend time. Get it wrong and you can have a space that is either too dark to see your way or do or so bright it’s almost headache inducing.

Done properly, even a small bathroom can be aesthetically pleasing and even therapeutic. This is particularly the case when natural or ambient light is supplemented with candles in the room. As the actress Nicole Kidman says: "I think candlelight is the most beautiful light there is and there's something very spiritual about it.”