Colourful Expression

There’s a well-known phrase in the fashion industry: “Blue and green should never be seen,” together, that is. Well, nowadays that would be considered old-fashioned and de rigueur. In today’s interior designer circles, there are very few rules when it comes to incorporating colour in interior design, it all depends on how you use them.

There are however, a few constants to do with colour theory. Research has shown for example, that cultural differences can make us respond in different ways, but the overriding and universal agreement, is that one way or another colour is important to us all.

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Living Well

This January has seen not only the start of a New Year, but new decade, filled with all sorts of promise for a return of the “Roaring 20s”. But before we get stuck into what may be round the corner for the next few years, the one thing the crops up every January is what people can do to make their lives easier, happier, productive and more fulfilled. 

The priority this year is on how to relax and enjoy our environment properly. In terms of our home interior, this means creating an atmosphere where we feel comfortable, at ease, and where we can express personality through décor. 

In a home, the most important space is your living room. It’s where you sit to unwind and socialise, where friends and family gather but also, where you can spend time alone. This environment should be a space that you enjoy, with surroundings that you appreciate and details that make you happy, creating that all-important feel and vision, which sometimes only happens when a talented top interior designer is involved. 

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