Knobs and Knockers

Images courtesy of Joseph Giles

If you’re having a property re-designed, re-vamped or refreshed, once the bulk of the work is finished, the time comes to turn your attention to the detailing. This involves choosing the accessories that will make the all-important difference to the look and feel of the space. Even seemingly small things, such as door knob design, can make a tremendous impact. The extra care and attention put in at this stage of the interior design can transform an abode from being simply well decorated, to looking effortlessly sophisticated, with smatterings of glamour. It is the details that can help lift the mood of a property from formal and functional, to lovingly luxurious.

Surprisingly, these little extras are not necessarily immediately visible. Take, for example, the humble door knob — used every day thousands of times a year, and usually overlooked or taken for granted. But get the right door knob design you can subliminally enhance the look of an interior beyond measure.

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Length, Lining and Finishing Touches for Luxury Interior Design

From bold and contemporary to understated and classically elegant, there is a vast choice of fabrics to choose from for your curtain treatments to complete your luxury interior design. Having made your selection, a good interior designer will be able to help you achieve that all important finish and sophistication that simply says, quality.

But before you start paying for the amount of fabric you think you want, it’s worth finding out exactly how much you really do need. First, decide how high above the window you’d like the curtains to begin. Hanging them higher than the window will give a sense of height to the room. Designers often hang curtains about six inches above the window frame, but for an even more dramatic look, some go higher.

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