M Restaurant (Threadneedle Walk)

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We were asked by veteran restaurateur, Martin Williams, to help create the first venue for the new M Restaurant brand, the most anticipated leisure event on the London calendar.  The flagship restaurant, located in the City, covers 12,000 square feet and includes M Raw, serving ceviche and tartar, M Bar, a smooth and up market cocktail venue and M grill, a unique experience offering the finest steaks and wines from around the world.  René Dekker Design played a key role in defining the brand interior, and drew on our wealth of experience to create a scheme which offered a unique fusion of commercial design and residential details.  The underlying schemes incorporate an ‘industrial chic’ feel where layers have been stripped back to expose the soul of the building, finishes are simple but sophisticated and the decorations unfussy and minimal.  Statement colours define the areas and evocative art compels contemplation.