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This was a coup for top London interior designers René Dekker Design. The project is located on the ground floor of a new build venture on London’s Victoria Street in a building that comprises of a mix of commercial and residential spaces. Development here has achieved a new premium and has finally brought this largely under developed corner of central London up to the standard of its neighbours. The assignment was for a luxury interior design destination wine shop which covers the ground and mezzanine floor. The better part of the developmental process for the project involved detailed planning and designing to incorporate all of the client’s ideas. In the wine shop this included different areas of the double volume space to house various types of wines. The client also wanted a chic but laid back wine tasting area located on a mezzanine floor as well as a 32 foot ‘wine wall’ that rises from the restaurant floor all the way to the ceiling of the shop; and all of this had to work around the large centrally located staircase.

When it came to the interior decor, the wine shop needed to appeal to a wide audience and had to appear sophisticated and contemporary while not seeming to exclude any of the area’s demographics. It also had to double up as the entrance to the restaurant so would need to take on a different appearance at night. The scheme that the London interior designers, René Dekker Design settled on used white as the predominant palette with accents of black and a good smattering of copper which was wholeheartedly approved by the client. The white palette included the large scale, high gloss floor tiles, ribbed ‘zig-zag’ vinyl wall covering on a feature wall as well as on the two storey wine wall and the point of sale counter.

At ground level is a clipped scheme of tall bespoke joinery where the wines from different countries are displayed from floor to ceiling. All elements of the joinery are lit with discreet LED fittings which are integrated into the shelving. At low level, some of the units house red wine stored in un-chilled display cases while in others there are chiller fridges keeping the white wine at optimum temperature and the general plan in the shop makes use of angles to create a more exciting ambience. Leading up from the restaurant below, right up to the mezzanine floor is a double volume polished plaster wall. This was treated with a specialist paint finish and then over decorated with a metallic paint to give the appearance of stingray skin. Copper was used to maximum effect on the inside niches as well as the plinths to the joinery, the inside of the individual niches on the wine wall as well as the floor tiles on the mezzanine. A series of industrial style pendants were used to accent the crisp clean neutral decor and black panel mouldings create pared accents throughout the scheme.

Accessed via a discreet staircase with a recessed illuminated handrail, the mezzanine level is a cool, laid back wine tasting room with views over the glass balustrade into the shop below. The floor is laid with copper décor tiles whose pattern resembles delicate lace, the walls and joinery are white with contrasting black detailed mouldings and there is an informal seating area made up of a dark charcoal banquette and some loose copper and marble tables.

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