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When you think of a bedroom, the image that springs to mind is one of a bed in a nicely furnished, calming setting. Then there are bedrooms that have been carefully planned by a london interior designer, which are, it’s fair to say, in a different league.

These rooms are often something above and beyond the requirement of suiting your needs and achieving a good night’s sleep. They are a thing of beauty and ooze comfort and luxury, sometimes with a hint of glamour - a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and an oasis of calm.

René’s signature look for a bedroom is to achieve this feel, but concentrating on elements such as colour and texture. In terms of texture, he doesn’t just focus on the obvious elements such as thick curtains and quality bedding; he also focusses on other areas such as walls, flooring and detailing to create a sense of harmony.

In his schemes, thick carpet is a must to create a feeling of indulgent softness underfoot. This is then matched with tactile fur throws to add warmth and luxury, while thick, lined, quality curtains create that feel of opulence, similar to that of an exclusive hotel. But he doesn’t stop there; many of René’s schemes boast fabric wall coverings as well, to increase that all important sense of tranquility and calm.

When it comes to colour in a bedroom, anything bright can be too stimulating, which isn’t conducive to a relaxing environment. What’s needed are calming colours to allow the brain to relax. Although green is often considered the most soothing hue for bedroom in terms of interior design, shades of taupe and cream can create a sense of sophistication.

These shades can be used for the majority of the room, from the walls to the fabrics of the curtains and furnishings, but should be broken up. A soft pattern of darker and lighter tones from either side of the dominant hue for example will add understated interest.

Similarly, soft lines or even curves can help enhance the feeling of calm and relaxation in a bedroom. This theme can be used in terms of pattern, but also in the furnishings themselves, where a footstool, armchair or even the bed itself can enjoy the gentle slope of an armrest or headboard.

The trick for the perfect bedroom scheme is to create the perfect mood using layers - first texture, then colour and finally accentuating with accessories in complementary colours or material. Smaller areas such as headboards, curtain pelmets or occasional chairs are perfect vehicle in which to add medium-sized areas of colour.

Finally, subtle touches of glass or precious metal can add that extra element of sheen and interest to complete the overall scheme. A beautiful pendant chandelier or mirror can create a subtle reflective element for example. Meanwhile lamp bases or the frame of a picture are the ideal areas for touches of warming copper or gold.

There are, however, exceptions to the rule, and this all very much depends on the client. While some people want a soothing experience for their bedroom, there are others who crave something more dramatic, such as a scheme in rich shades of deep indigo and ultramarine. While dramatic, this can still be effective in the hands of a top interior designer, who will be able to balance the colours to prevent the overall scheme from becoming too overpowering.

Then there’s the full royal treatment - rich reds and sumptuous gold, complete with tassels, ornate gilding and swags and tails. A scheme like this can then even be taken a step further by using touches of bright fuchsia teamed with candy pink.

Whatever the treatment, a luxury interior designer will be able to create that all important atmosphere in a bedroom where, let’s face it, atmosphere is everything.

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